New to the Anchorage Folk Festival? We can answer your questions.

Q: When is the Festival?

A: The festival is held annually, beginning at the end of January. Exact dates vary, but the festival typically spans two weekends & lasts about 10 days.

Q: Where is the festival located?

A: Beautiful Anchorage, Alaska! Guest artists and local acts perform several evenings a week and on the weekends at the Wendy Williamson Auditorium at UAA. Workshops are also held at the Wendy during the day on weekends. Folk Week continues during the week at various venues around town. Additional fund-raiser dances and concerts are held at off-campus venues.

Q: How much does the festival cost?

A: Events held at the Wendy are generally FREE. Festival merchandise is available for purchase in the lobby and friendly volunteers are willingly standing by to take your donations. Convenient envelopes are scattered about to be stuffed with money and dropped in one of our convenient donation boxes at the theater entrances, should you prefer to avoid a friendly volunteer. Folk Week events are also free; please support our venue hosts through the purchase of your favorite treat.

Fundraiser events, including off-campus concerts and dances and our annual movie (hosted by the Bear Tooth Theatrepub), require ticket purchase, either in advance or at the door. Tickets can be purchased through our website with the exception of movie tickets. Links will be provided through event posts as far in advance as possible.

Q: How can I help?

A: Thank you, we love you. We are an all-volunteer organization and we rely on our legion of volunteers to keep the festival running smoothly. We can always use support with merchandise sales, backstage crew, event ticketing, lobby & house monitoring, advertising, cleaning, gophering, and other duties not described. Please fill out the application on our website and describe your skills and interests. We will contact all interested parties as the festival approaches to let you know how to sign up for specific shifts.